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Botanical Art Worldwide Update – June 2017

Supported by the RHS Dawn Jolliffe Botanical Art Bursary Fund

How much time is left to submit an entry ?

Time is racing by and before we know it the Initial Submission deadline of  4th August will be here . After that date, those artists that have told us their chosen plants will be sent a final form to confirm that they are on course to submit those pictures. Allison_Bee_Orchid_Detail_Study1


The submission has been done in this way so that artists have had the opportunity of choosing just one or several native species.  Some have chosen more than one because they have access to those subjects and want to paint them all. Others wanted the flexibility to allow for potential temperamental growth habits of native plants and wild flowers.

Do not worry though, if you still haven’t made an initial submission by the 4th August, you will be able to do this until the 1st October, when the digital submission of finished artwork starts.

Exhibition Venue

The exhibition venue of The Ruskin Library on the campus of Lancaster University is the perfect location for such an exhibition.  During this time of year the campus around the library is surrounded by wildflower planting.

The Worldwide Botanical Art Day is May 18th 2018 and the exhibition will take place over several weeks to include this special day.


Are there other events taking place to celebrate the Worldwide Botanical Art Day ?

Only one main exhibition affiliated to the Worldwide Botanical Art Day can take place in each country, but there is still a wonderful opportunity for individuals, societies and groups, educational organisations and florilegia connected to gardens, to take part.

A digital slideshow of the majority of the paintings from all the participating countries will be put together. If your organisation is affiliated to a botanical garden, art or science museum, or educational establishment, then there is the opportunity for you to display the slideshow during your event.


For other groups that would like to arrange events but do not meet the above criteria, there is the opportunity to still take part and use the official literature and marketing materials to promote your event.  You will also have the chance to list your event on the ABBA website.

For all events affiliated to the worldwide event organised by ABBA, the focus of any demonstration and promotion of botanical art, must be on the NATIVE PLANTS of this country.  This follows one of the main aims of the worldwide event to illustrate and promote native plants found in each participating country.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew have the date in their calendar and are intending both to show the slideshow and have botanical artists demonstrating and talking to visitors about plants and their art.

Other institutions also taking part are the Lindley Library and the Chelsea Physic Garden. It will be a great way of increasing the profile of botanical art and native plants in the UK if a range of events could be replicated around the regions.

If you are part of a group or organisation that would like to be involved in the event, you can contact ABBA at:

Information will be also sent to existing organisations on our existing database.

The Association of British Botanical Artists is a new organisation, having been started from scratch with no assets or resources so we are unable to give you any financial support but will be happy to act as an ideas exchange and to pass on any contacts or information we have that may be of use.

To find out more about the exhibitions taking place around the world you can visit the Botanical Art Worldwide website:

ASBA banner


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