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Info blog to ABBA artists and followers

ABBA has had a hugely interesting 18 months following the decision to bring English and Welsh botanical artists into the limelight so that they can show their prowess in their chosen field (no pun intended) on the world stage.

The American Society of Botanical Artists initiative to try and stage a worldwide botanical art show on the 18 May 2018, is beginning to bear fruit. 25 countries are now participating and we, with our exhibition ‘In Ruskin’s Footsteps’ are one of those countries.

When anyone stages something like this, one expects that there will be some ups and downs. This has happened with ABBA too.

We were lucky enough to find a gallery that would stage the exhibition. It felt very fitting to call it ‘ In Ruskin’s Footsteps’ as the name of the venue was The Ruskin Library. Our botanical art exhibition was to be held alongside the collection of works by the famous artist and writer John Ruskin at Lancaster University.

Peter Scott Gallery_Lancaster Arts
Peter Scott Gallery

We have some wonderful botanical artists living in England and Wales and many submitted some beautiful work focusing on native flora – that is plants indigenous to our countries. Our prestigious judges chose 40 works with great difficulty. They loved the process, enjoyed studying the artworks and were very happy to take part in the exhibition in this way.

In recent weeks we were told that the venue that had originally been agreed by Lancaster University, would no longer be available to us.  They had to take advantage of a grant and close the Ruskin Library for refurbishment during the period we were due to have the exhibition. However, they gave us an alternative gallery, although only for three weeks rather that the four originally intended.

The new venue is the Peter Scott Gallery, also on the Lancaster University Campus. It will give us more room than the Ruskin Library and allows us to plan two days with special events on Saturday 19th May and Saturday 9th June. Watch out for detailed information about these dates in due course.


Screenshot interior PS galleryThe exhibition will still be run in association with the Ruskin Library and the Peter Scott Gallery and it will be supplemented with some of the Whitehouse Collection of material relating to John Ruskin (1819-1900).

As you can see, although there have been some ups and downs, the exhibition is developing into something far more exciting than we originally anticipated.

To recap, the UK part of the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition; In Ruskin’s footsteps is to be held at the Peter Scott Gallery in association with the Ruskin Library, Lancaster University.

The dates and hours of opening are as follows:  No Sundays

Friday 18th  May to Saturday 9th June 2018

Weekdays – except the bank holiday Monday 28th May

12:00 – 17:00

Two Saturdays only – 19th May and 9th June.

10:00 – 16:00

The following is a statement from Lancaster University indicating its support of the “In Ruskin’s Footsteps” exhibition.

Lancaster University is delighted to announce that ‘In Ruskin’s Footsteps’ will benefit from the resources of both the Ruskin Library and the Lancaster Arts. Running from 18th May to 9th June 2018, the exhibition will now be hosted in the Peter Scott Gallery providing an expanded space and events venue, including two full day events in the gallery spaces.




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