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It’s all in the Words

It’s nearly here. The myABBA survey data is flowing in and the results are certainly revealing. We are just collating the data and we will publish these on the website by September the 17th.
If you have not submitted your thoughts then this is your chance to complete the survey by midnight on Friday 7th September.
The link to the survey is :
As of the 1st September we have had 80 responses which represents a 33% return rate. This is a fabulous result and lays down a really solid basis for the formation of “your ABBA”.
The word cloud in the figure says it all. For those ABBA followers unfamiliar with this mode of analysis all of the text based feedback has been collated and then plotted as a figure where the most commonly used words are represented on the graphic by size. The bigger the word the more times it has been used in the recorded text. The words that stand out are local, artists, art and groups.
myABBA Wordcloud from all the survey free text submitted.
myABBA Wordcloud from all the survey free text submitted.
The process from now is:
  1. The survey results are published together with an analysis on September 17th.

  2. From this analysis the suggested guiding principles for the association will be formed.

  3. An invitation will be sent to all friends of ABBA to comment on the survey data and a two week period finishing on Monday October 1st, will allow further comments based on the survey data and the proposed guiding principles.

  4. All the information will then be collated and from this the final guiding principles will be laid down. These principles will then form the framework for the foundation of the Association of British Botanical Artists.
We believe that this has been a very valuable approach for the formation of a new association and we are really looking forward to a new begining for your ABBA.
If you have not yet registered your interest in ABBA you can sign up here:
The ABBA team.

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