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The Survey Results Are In

The myABBA survey has now closed and the results have been collated. Over 100 respondents completed the survey which represents 40% of the people polled. This is a fantastic result and we would like to sincerely thank all those who completed this vital feedback.

This is the raw data with no comments as we are hoping you will draw your own conclusions.

The data from the survey is in a pdf document that can be found here:


The ABBA Team are currently formulating the proposed ABBA Guiding Principles based on the survey data and we will publish these on Monday the 24th September on the ABBA website.

At the same time as these guiding principles are published we will also give you the opportunity to submit your final thoughts on the survey and the guiding principles before we formally form the Association of British Botanical Artists.  Look out for next weeks blog post for this important  link.

Once again thanks for the fabulous feedback, enjoy reading the survey results and make sure if you have any further comments you submit these via the link we will publish on Monday the 24th September.

The ABBA Team


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