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ABBA – The Founding Principles

Well here they are.  We have taken onboard the survey results, many conversations and the experiences of the World Wide Day of Botanical Art to produce a set of founding principles.
We believe we are faithfully reflecting your ideas in the following principles and we will be using these to formally establish the Association of British Botanical Artists.

Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA)

every one – every where – every ability

The Association of British Botanical Artists is a charitable, inclusive, umbrella organisation established to facilitate strong links between botanical artists and individuals with a passion for plants.

Founding Principles
  • a focus on scientifically accurate botanical art often with an artistic element influenced by the medium
  • an organisation open to all with no prerequisites for membership
  • offer members access to a Local Champion and collaborative tools to help identify local, like minded groups and individuals with whom they can engage formally or informally
  • direct members to existing resources that focus on botanical art and foster relationships with organisations that offer information on plant identification and plant ecology to promote a wider knowledge and enjoyment of the plant kingdom
  • collaborate with members to raise funds and promote and exhibit their work, at local regional and national levels
  • coordinate a triennial conference and juried national exhibition bringing together work from local and regional centres in one central, accessible venue

We now give you a final opportunity to comment on both the survey results released in the last blog post and these founding principles.  The comment period will close on Saturday the 6th of October.

Click here to add your thoughts.

We have really enjoyed this feedback period and we are looking forward to formally registering your association.

Your next task is to design a logo for ABBA and in keeping with our principles, its open to all.  Look out for all the details in the next post.

Make sure you have your final say and start thinking about a memorable logo for ABBA that reflects our founding principles.

The ABBA Team



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