Call For Entries

The ‘call for entries’ will be open to everyone resident for the majority of the year (more than 6 months) in the UK, or if you live in a country that is not participating. Please see the eligibility criteria.

Submission will be digital and 40 paintings selected by the judges and will form the exhibition.

Dates of the Exhibition: Friday 18 May – Friday 15 June 2018. Open 10:00-16:00, Monday to Friday, closed Monday 28 May 2018. Open some Saturdays, but dates TBA.

Intention to Submit Form: The submission for the Intention to Submit Form is open until the 4th August 2017.   The form can be completed online on the website pageIntention to Submit  or a copy can be emailed to .

Submission dates: 1 October to 27 November 2017

Receiving Deadline: Electronically by 27 November 2017

Venue: Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YH

Eligibility: Artists can enter one country’s exhibition, and that is the country of the artist’s primary residence. If an artist’s country of residence is not holding a worldwide exhibition, and the artist has some connection with the UK, the UK can invite the artist to submit an entry to the British exhibition.

Subject: A plant native to the United Kingdom.

Definition: Any wild plant indigenous to a country, including natural hybrids, but excluding any cultivar, man-made hybrid and naturalised exotics.

Please see the advisory page of the website UK native plants detailing where to clearly find plants native to the UK. Please also be aware that Fungi, lichen or moss as the main subject will not be allowed. However, if part of a picture showing habitat around your main plant subject, this will be acceptable.

Media accepted: Original botanical artworks in the following media: watercolour, pencil, pen & ink, coloured pencil, mixed media, oil, acrylic, gouache, egg tempura, original prints (i.e. aquatints, etchings, etc). We do not accept three-dimensional artwork including botanical sculptures, reproductions, photography, or digitally generated artwork. Work can be on paper, vellum or canvas.

Only one artist’s name will appear against each species so be sure to enter your choice as soon as you can.

Originality: The works submitted must be the sole creation of the exhibiting artist. All media must be hand-applied by the artist.

Fee: £20 per entry, up to a maximum of three entries.

Submissions: Professional digital images 300dpi x 8” high, Tiff or jpg, taken without mount, frame, or glass. Payment will be via online banking or cheque, after which images are sent via WeTransfer to  Details will be included with the final submission form sent to those artists who completed an intention to submit form.

Presentation: Mount opening size minimum of 20 cm (8″) on the shortest side, and a maximum of 50 cm (20”) on the longest side. Mounts should be in proportion to the aperture size and not overly wide or too narrow. They should be of a neutral colour, that is similar to the colour of your paper or support. Only Accepted pictures will need to be suitably and professionally mounted and framed in a natural oak frame that is 2-3 cm wide and more than 1cm deep so that it will accept mirror plates.

Shipping and Insurance: Exhibiting artists will provide their own insurance and this can normally be provided by SAA. Delivery details will be advised in the acceptance letter.

Jurors: The exhibition will be juried by a prestigious team of professional artists, scientists, and curators.

Judging: The paintings will be assessed according to scientific accuracy, aesthetic quality and artistic proficiency. It will be a two-phase process with the initially submitted paintings assessed digitally. From which 50 paintings will be chosen for the final stage of judging which will be framed and mounted. The judge’s decision is final.

Notification: Artists will be informed of the initial judging decisions via email by Friday 22nd December. The final stage will be judged in the week commencing 22 January 2018 from which the final 40 paintings will be chosen. Artists will be given final notification week commencing 29 January 2018. All artwork that is submitted must be available for the exhibition.

Sales: Exhibiting artists work may be offered for sale but must stay on the wall until the end of the exhibition. There will be a 35% commission on all sales.

Hanging rights: ABBA retains the right to refuse to hang work when received if framing is inadequate, the work is not shipped in the correct supportive packaging and has been damaged, or the quality of the artwork differs greatly from that represented by the submitted digital file.

Publicity: Copyright of all artwork remains with the artist. ABBA would like to use the professional digital images provided by the artist for a catalogue, promotional or educational materials in connection with the exhibition.

Contact email:

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Copying, saving, reposting, republishing of artwork is prohibited without express permission of the artist