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ABBA – Success at the RHS

In May this year ABBA organised the British contribution to the first ever Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, joining 25 other countries in this amazing event.  ABBA’s main exhibition in Lancaster, ’In Ruskins Footsteps’ was a great success as were our partner events in London, at the Shirley Sherwood gallery, Royal Botanic gardens Kew, Chelsea Physic garden and the RHS Lindley Library.

The Association of British Botanical Artists is now entering it’s next exciting phase. At the RHS Botanical art exhibition 10-12 July we announced the start of the formal establishment of the association.

There was a great deal of interest shown by people visiting the show including established artists, people new to botanical art and people passionate about our native flora. Their enthusiasm, combined with our successful online application process highlights the great interest in our native flora.


     Setting up at the RHS…Follow the banner!

Our unique focus on British native plants plus our guiding principles that we are here for

Every One
Every Where
Every Stage

of botanical art, including established artists, those who have just begun to paint and people who are passionate about our native flora,

makes us a complimentary organisation sitting beside other established British botanical art groups.

During the exhibition we were visited by Dr Shirley Sherwood and she very kindly made a  generous donation to the association, so we are now ready to move forward.

 From left to right, Elaine Allison (ABBA), Dr Shirley Sherwood and
Gaynor Dickeson (ABBA)

We are grateful to Mally Francis for allowing us to use her image of the Babington Leek for publicity purposes.  A lovely painting which Mally sold at the exhibition, a fantastic result.

During the next few weeks a link to an online survey will be emailed out to everyone who has shown an interest in ABBA to find out what they would like from this new group.

If you would like to play a part in creating this distinctive and unique botanical art group then look out for your email.


Mally Francis with her Babington Leek painting.


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