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Its your ABBA have your say

It’s been a few weeks since the highly successful Lancaster Exhibition “ In Ruskin’s Footsteps” and our promotion stand at the RHS Plant & Art Fair.  The hard work put in by the steering committee members underpinned the success of both events.  The interest shown by botanical art enthusiasts has ensured that ABBA will continue to grow and hopefully evolve into an association that will help its members enhance their passion for botanical art and native plants.

In our many discussions with visitors to both events it has become very clear that botanical artists and native plant enthusiasts are looking for local support.  This is the challenge when the geographic distribution of the enthusiasts ranges from the Scilly Isles to Crete and from The Isle of Wight to Stirlingshire.  From these discussions we have now narrowed our proposed guiding principles to three.

Every One – Every Where – Every Stage


This means ABBA would be open to all, from any location and at any stage of artistic or botanical development.  This presents a real but exciting challenge as the breadth and depth of these guiding principles and the desire for more local support means an association that in practice, is not centrally focussed but is more distributed in both form and function.  With this in mind we are looking at what we need to put in place to support a much more distributed association and what type of events and support ABBA could facilitate at a more local level.
To date we have had over two hundred expressions of interest in either continuing to follow ABBA, or in becoming full members and to that end we are today releasing a survey seeking feedback on the future form of the association
We have decided at this point to restrict the survey to those who have expressed an interest in an association with ABBA either as a member or just as an interested party.
If you have not yet registered your interest but follow us via the website head over to the members link.

You do not have to join ABBA to complete the survey but once we have your email we will send you a link to the survey. In this exciting transition phase we are really looking for as much feedback as possible so the association will focus on the needs of its members.

The survey has five sections and should only take about ten minutes to complete. The sections are:

Section 1 – A little about you.
Section 2 – What type of group ABBA could be.
Section 3 – ABBA Education
Section 4 – What type of events could ABBA facilitate.
Section 5 – Communication with you.

All responses are anonymous and no personal data is recorded – we really are interested in honest, constructive feedback.

The survey will be open for a period of fourteen days and after we have compiled the results we will feed these back via the website.

We are really looking froward to your responses so either wait for our email with the link to the survey or head over to the ABBA website and register with us and we will send you the link directly.

Lets build a group together.



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